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Date: 04/10/2016

 The Government has issued a decree stipulating the enforcement of some articles of the new Civil Code on foreign employees in Viet Nam.

Question: Conditions for granting working licenses for foreign employees?


Under the Decree, granting working licenses for foreign employees is based on the following conditions: (1) have full capacity for civil acts, (2) be in a health condition that fits required working conditions, (3) be managers, CEOs, experts or technicians, (4) not be a criminal or under criminal prosecution in accordance with Viet Nam’s law and foreign law; (5) be accepted by competent state agencies on employment of foreign workers.  

A working permit granted to a foreign employee is valid no more than two years and depends on time-limit.  

The Decree prohibits recruitment of foreign workers for jobs which Vietnamese people can undertake.  

Employers excluding bidders are responsible for reporting their demands for foreign employment to the provincial People’s Committees.

The Departments of Labor, Invalids and Society are in charge of reporting to the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs about demands for foreign employment and use of foreign employment in their localities.

The Decree will take effect since November 1, 2013./.

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