Counseling and drafting contracts in general and commercial contracts in particular involve in-depth knowledge and skills of relevant legal regulations. The contract drafters need not only to preserve the fair rights of both parties but also to estimate the possible risks to adjust the contract terms in accordance with the actual conditions and legal regulations.

Therefore, to assure the favorable trading and avoid disputes as well as risks causing unexpected damages for both parties, each client should protect his rights by carefully considering all details during the negotiation and contract signing.

Our professional lawyers have many years  experienced in the field of consultancy for commercial, civil and labour contracts such as joint venture agreements, business cooperation contracts, BT, BTO and BOT contracts, contracts related to construction, real estate, transfer of share, capital contribution, splitting and merging business, business purchase agreements, sales contracts and service contracts. Hence, we are fully qualified for estimating and analyzing the potential risks in each transaction and contract in an effort to counsel on signing contract, evaluating and drafting the contract terms to assure the best lawful rights and minimize the legal risks for our clients…


In this scope, we could provide our client the services including but not limited to the following works:



Our legal services



Counseling and evaluating every aspect of the contract to make sure that the contract meets all legal requirements in proper form and content



Investigating the legal status of the company which our clients are planning to sign contract with them



Joining the negotiation with partners to reach a contract at our clients’ requests



Investigating the documents and information related to all contract parties at our client’s requests in order to provide the optimum solution for drafting and signing contract, and maximize the client’s benefits on the basis of legal regulations and partner’s satisfaction



Drafting the contract based on the above evaluations



Responding to every enquiries related to the drafted or adjusted contracts



Counseling and supporting our clients to resolve disputes and complaints related to the contract



We would support our clients in every separate stage or support the client to deal with per case from the beginning until end at their disposal.


If you need any support, please do not hesitate to contact us with information as below:



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