Nowadays, most of enterprises have utilized the loan from banks or authorized credit institutions. Therefore, in every transaction from the beginning to disbursement and ending, people need to comply with a necessary legal process to protect their benefits to their utmost. Actually, only a few individual and enterprises master this process and may face the major damage afterwards.


With the team of lawyers experienced in Finance and Banking, we have been offering the legal services including but not limited to the following services:



Our legal services



Providing legal advices related to finance and banking



Counseling on legal regulations for transactions such as mortgages, other security measures, collateral handling, buying/selling on credit, capital transfer, share transfer, financial leasing



Representing our clients to negotiate, draft and check all kinds of contracts such as loan contracts, mortgage contracts, collateral contracts, capital transfer contracts, share transfer contracts, financial leasing contracts, selling/buying on credit contracts



Counseling and supporting our clients to set up enterprises in the field of tax, finance and banking



Providing legal advices and supporting our clients to apply for tax incentives, exemption, reduction and refund



Representing and supporting our clients to deal with authority agencies in the field of tax, finance and banking



Counseling and representing our clients to resolve all disputes incurred from financial transactions, and disputes related to tax incurred from business



Counseling and supporting the banks on drafting and negotiating foreign exchange transactions, pledge, mortgage and hire purchase



Counseling, supporting and representing credit institutions to perform necessary legal procedures to recover bad debts



We would support our clients in every separate stage or support the client to deal with per case from the beginning until end at their disposal.


If you need any support, please do not hesitate to contact us with information as below:



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