Among civil or commercial disputes, the dispute in paying debts incurred by borrowing or purchasing has become the most popular. Though this dispute is simple, the process of bad debt recovery may turn out to be unsuccessful without in-depth legal knowledge and specific skills.


With our experience in participating hundreds of bad debt recovery for individuals, enterprises, banks and financial institutions, we shall bring the most efficient measure with the lowest fee. Our professional lawyers supported in handling and recovering overdue loan with efficient and skilful measures.


Filing sue to recover debt is the last resort while a threat of suing could be your answer, sometimes. However, if your ordinary measure to recover debts proves a failure, it means that much consideration should be taken before a legal proceeding.  You are expected to handle the dispute with the other before suing. This means that the trial take place only after you have tried to come to an agreement with the customer. To assure the optimum efficiency for our clients in recovering the bad debts, we have been providing the legal services as follows:



Our legal services



Evaluating initial evidences related to the dispute



Representing our clients to negotiate and solve with the debtors



Performing the temporary emergency measures to prevent dispersal of assets of the debtors until taking the validity Judgment from the Court



Preparing the dossier and take lawsuits against the debtors in courts at all level



Simultaneously, to support our clients in preparing records to denounce  if signs of criminal law violation are being detected



Supporting in enforcement proceeding to recover the debt



We would support our clients in every separate stage or support the client to deal with per case from the beginning until end at their disposal.


If you need any support, please do not hesitate to contact us with information as below:



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