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Date: 15/09/2020




I heard that the new business registration certificate form will now give up the business lines, right? So what if I want to add other items to my business in the future? Is my address on the household registration book or on my ID card?







- In Article 29 of the Law on Enterprises 2014 as follows: "Article 29. Contents of the Certificate of Business registration 

1. Name and identification number of the enterprise.

2. Address of the enterprise’s headquarter.

3. Full name, signature, permanent residence, nationality, number of the ID card, passport, or another ID paper of the legal representative if the enterprise is a limited liability company or joint-stock company; or general partners if the enterprise is a partnership; of the owner if the enterprise is a sole proprietorship; full names, permanent residences, nationalities, ID/passport numbers of members being individuals, or names, enterprise identification numbers and addresses of headquarters of members being organizations if the enterprise is a limited liability company.

4. Charter capital."
Therefore, business lines will not be shown on the business registration certificate. Enterprises can look up information about their business lines and trades at website In case the enterprise wants to add business lines, it is requested that it comply with the provisions of Article 49 of Decree No. 78/2015 / ND-CP on enterprise registration.
- Request the enterprise to register permanent residence address of a member of full 4 levels or more (house number, street name or name of hamlet (hamlet), commune, ward, town; district, district, town or city. city ​​under the province, province or centrally run city) according to the current administrative boundaries.


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